Panax is an attractive in field or residential primary windbreak.  It is a vertical thick hedge reaching heights of 25’+ that will protect your precious leafy plants.  Panax has a dual use in residential areas as it can block out noise, odor, or for privacy.

Promoted by the USDA this plant must be propagated vegetatively.

We sell this product in minimum lengths of approximately 16″+ lengths.  They are also known as quick sticks because they simply can be pushed into weed free soil for fast establishment.  Plant 2′ apart.  Alternatively we have had near 98% success rate planting them in dibble tubes at a minimum length of 5.”

We coat the top end with black tree seal to prevent transpiration and insect damage prior to establishment.  Bottom end (unpainted side) goes into soil.  Recommended to use a mild rooting hormone for best establishment.  This is product is considered a live plant and since the island of Molokai does not have a plant quarantine, we must send it to the one on your island for inspection and pickup.  PLEASE SEND ME YOUR CONTACT PHONE NUMBER SO THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE CAN CONTACT YOU FOR PICKUP.  Thank you

Due to the length + diameter of the cutting, we compute the shipping price; depending on quantity, this product can be heavy to ship, it is a cut tree.


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Panax is widely used across the state of Hawaii for it’s excellent windbreak attributes.  We have not known this plant to be susceptible to insect, virus, or disease here in the state of Hawaii.

Panax is not drought tolerant and requires a moderate amount of moisture.  Panax will grow in nutrient deficient soil but should be fertilized so it can grow healthy and work for it’s purpose.  Nitrogen fertilizer is recommended.

Initially this plant should be pruned head high to encourage new branches from emerging and forming a solid conopy of leaves and branches.  Space plants up to 24″ apart.

Panax can be used for animal fodder.

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