Sustainable Agriculture

Molokai Seed Company provides high quality seed and planting material with sustainable agriculture and soil conservation in mind. Our first rate products provide our customers the best in cover crops, green manures, erosion control, and slope stabilization.

Whether your needs are for crop rotation, to suppress weeds, reduce nematode populations, landscape, restoration, reforestation, create a food plot, attract beneficial insects, or groundwater recharge; we provide the best in plants adapted for harsh drought, wind, and unfertile soil conditions, making it possible for our plants to grow where you live.

Our plants are grown in the USA and are non-toxic to animals, livestock, and poultry.

Molokai Seed Company is the solution to all your farming needs.

“The seed is doing very well. After a bit more growth I plan to send pictures. All my open ground is already planted right now. Sunn hemp is truly an impressive plant. The growth rate is roughly equal to pigweed, I have found, which is pretty amazing for a legume. Although my planting is something I am doing on my own private farm, I do work for a seed company that specializes in forages and cover crops. If this trial is successful, maybe we can move some seed for you. There really is a need for a summer annual legume capable of producing high amounts of nitrogen and livestock edible biomass in our area. The price may scare a few folks off but in my mind is well worth it.”

Dale S. from KS

“University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Science (has a publication)…highly recommend ‘Tropic Sun’ sunn hemp-it grows amazing here in Florida — the biggest problem they mention is getting the seed!…bought some generic sunn hemp seed (sourced from Africa) from a company in Kansas…I gave some seeds to friends…they wondered if they could use it for their chickens and goats. They could not because it was not ‘Tropic Sun’…In my opinion, it’s the best thing from Hawaii since Kona coffee!”

Mike D. from FL

“I grew a number of plots of TS — my first time using this cover crop (I do a *lot* of cover cropping) — and I was impressed. Rate of growth maybe most impressive of all. But also good as a persistent mulch (I’m sure because of the high fiber content of the stems).”

Harvey U. from VA

“The vetiver is all planted out and is growing rapidly. The Sunnhemp is all sprouting nicely as well. Thank you for all your help with this. I really appreciate the quick and honest service.”

Matt G. from Kauai

“I was very happy with the seeds that I got from your company and the fast personal service that you gave. The seeds were very fresh and they germinated very quickly…”

Claire G. from FL

“I think I planted approximately 100 seeds, and it seemed that every one sprouted…The hemp grew fast and many plants were approximately 5′ tall within a couple of months.”

Craig & Melissa Y. from FL