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  • Kalamungay/Malunggay is a fast growing drought resistant tree.  It's leaves and young seed pods are delicious and host a ton of nutrient and beneficial qualitites. Kalamungay is an indispensable plant in many cultures and has been used as a windbreak or border crop that is both effective and edible.
  • Uhaloa
    Uhaloa is an indigenous wooly leafed shrub highlighted with tiny 5 petal yellow flowers.  Uhaloa thrives in hot, dry, and windy places.  Uhaloa requires no irrigation and seed remain dormant until rainfall.  A medicinal plant used by native Hawaiian healers. Seeds are coned shaped and approximately 1/16" long.  There are approximately 250,000 seeds per pound. Plant height:  3' Germination:  Few days to several months Elevation:  0-4000'
  • Aalii is an indigenous shrub to small tree with long slender wavy green leaves.  Aalii flowers develop into papery capsules that may be red, pink, green, yellow, or tan in color.  Extremely drought tolerant and able to withstand wild fires.  Aalii's uses include landscaping, lei making, dye, house timber, weapons, and medicinal. Seeds are small roundish, and black about 1/16 of an inch.  There are approximately 84,200 seeds per pound. Plant height:  5' shrub or 15' tree Germination:  With 10 days to few months. Elevation:  Sea level to 8000 feet
  • Naupaka is an indigenous salt tolerant native plant used in landscaping shoreline areas to curb erosion.  Naupaka may be best identified by it's half-shaped white flowers, oval green leaves, and round white pulpy fruit seed. Seeds are hidden within the white pulp which is recommended to be removed before storage or planting. Plant height:  6' Germination:  Few weeks Elevation:  Shoreline-150'
  • Gossypium
    Ma'o is an endemic branchy shrub highlighted with showy yellow flowers.  It is known as the Hawaiian cotton. Seeds are covered with a warm, furry, soft, brownish hair. Plant height:  4' Germination:  Few weeks Elevation:  0-1000'
  • Argemone
    Endemic to the Hawaiian islands, Pua Kala is an upright native poppy with silvery green leaves highlighted with large white flowers accentuated by a bright yellow and dark center.  It thrives in rocky areas with good filtration. Seeds are small approximately 113,500 seeds per pound. Plant height:  3' Germination:  Few weeks to months Elevation:  0-5000'
  • Ilima is an indigenous small shrub with spade shaped jagged leaves highlighted with beautiful yellow flowers.  Ilima thrives in hot, dry, windy places.  It is one of the first native flowering plants that appear after the winter rains.  Ideal for landscaping and restoration. Seeds are small and encased in an apple wedge shaped hull.  There are approximately 210,000 seeds per pound. Plant height:  3' Germination:  Few weeks to months Elevation:  0-8000'
  • Wiliwili
    Wiliwili is a beautiful endemic tree able to withstand drought, wind, and unfertile soil conditions.  It has attractive orange flowers with seed colors ranging from different shades of yellow, orange, or red. Plant height:  30' Germination:  2 weeks to a few months Elevation:  0-2000'
  • Panax

    Panax is an attractive in field or residential primary windbreak.  It is a vertical thick hedge reaching heights of 25'+ that will protect your precious leafy plants.  Panax has a dual use in residential areas as it can block out noise, odor, or for privacy. Promoted by the USDA this plant must be propagated vegetatively. We sell this product in minimum lengths of approximately 16"+ lengths.  They are also known as quick sticks because they simply can be pushed into weed free soil for fast establishment.  Plant 2' apart.  Alternatively we have had near 98% success rate planting them in dibble tubes at a minimum length of 5." We spray the top end with tree seal to prevent transpiration and insect damage prior to establishment.  Bottom end (unpainted side) goes into soil.  Recommended to use a mild rooting hormone for best establishment.  This is product is considered a live plant and since the island of Molokai does not have a plant quarantine, we must send it to the one on your island for inspection and pickup.  Thank you
  • 'Sunshine' Vetiver Grass
    'Sunshine' Vetiver grass is a cultivar of Chrysopogon Zizanioides with characteristics of South Indian Genotypes. Among it's most useful applications, Vetiver grass is used in Prevention and Treatment of Contaminated Water & Land, Soil Erosion Control, Slope Protection, etc. It is drought tolerant, wind resistant, fire resistant, and will grow in unfertile soil and rocky areas. It's seeds are sterile and 'Sunshine' Vetiver grass is considered non-invasive. 'Sunshine' Vetiver grass has no stolons or rhizomes, therefore will not escape and become a weed. Where you plant it is where it will stay. This product is sold as a vegetative plant, it's seeds are sterile and will not grow. Price breaks at 51+ plants.