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  • Kalamungay/Malunggay is a fast growing drought resistant tree.  It's leaves and young seed pods are delicious and host a ton of nutrient and beneficial qualitites. Kalamungay is an indispensable plant in many cultures and has been used as a windbreak or border crop that is both effective and edible.
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    Cook Pine is the mother of all windbreaks.  It is unmatched in height (Up to 180') and it's ability to grow from sea level into the high mountain ranges.  This is the primary windbreak of choice.  If you want to slow the velocity of wind, you want a Cook pine, or a row of them! These seeds are very difficult to find and we couldn't find a commercial source that had seeds in stock anywhere!  If you want some and we don't have it in stock, get on our wait list. Plant seeds are available in season (June-August) and we have found that it does have a lower germination rate than agricultural seed.  But be patient and give them a few weeks to "pop" before giving up on them.
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    Cacao is a large tree best grown in areas protected from the wind and ideally under the canopy of trees.  This fruit is where chocolate come from.  Its pods are opened, fermented, dried, roasted and ground to make a deliciously smooth Hawaiian product.  The sugar-yeast mucilage that keeps the raw seed moist can double as a tangy and delicious snack; somewhat like Soursap. There are anywhere from 20-40 seeds per pod. Cacao is listed as a recalcitrant seed or wet type seed.  These seeds do not stay viable when dried or frozen.  They have a high moisture content and when this is depleted, it must be planted or seeds will not be viable.  Due to this, pods are sold only when ripe for a few weeks each year.  So although there may be no inventory on the website, there may be pods available.  Best to email me for availability.
  • We'd like to share with you our Beneficial Insect Mix.  In our trials, we have observed many of our most favorite beneficial insects attracted to our special mix.  Insects we have observed but not limited too; honeybees, lacewings, and ladybugs.  These plants attract not just one of two beneficial insects from each specie, they bring their whole family and all of their friends!  Our special mix from our cover crop trials in our fields. Why plant this Beneficial Insect mix?  When done consistently, it will build and keep beneficial insects in your farm and garden.  These insects will reduce your pesticide needs, maybe even eliminate them.  They will also pollinate your cash crops. If nothing else, this mix offers an attractive assortment of plants and flowers that is our most functional flowering plant mix.  Help the fauna in your area while giving passerby's something extra to look at. Try some today!!!  If we are low in inventory just "ask" we can make more! Price breaks at 3+lbs.
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    Nematodes are common in all types of soil, they are plant parasitic microorganisms which detrimentally affect many of the crops you commonly grow.  Symptoms include stunting, wilting, yellowing, and death. This special mixure of cover crop seeds we concocted is a pre-planting-treatment at least 60 days prior to planting your main crop.  It will noticeably reduce the nematode population in your soil.  Using cover crops for nematode control has its advantages over synthetic chemicals by reducing nematode populations at a deeper depth through root exudates and its ability to reduce bad nematode populations without affecting the beneficial organisms that live in soil. This mix was initially created for rooted vegetables; potato, peanuts, carrots, taro, sweet potato, awa but will benefit plants susceptible to nematode problems. This mix includes the seeds from 4 major families; Brassicas, Broadleaf, Grasses, and Legumes. If we are low in inventory just "ask" we can make more! 30lbs drilled/ 50lbs broadcast Price breaks at 3+lbs
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    This high quality Pili grass bale is a native Hawaiian seed and mulch in one for restoration, reforestation, landscaping, and as a use to cover exposed soil to prevent dust.  This bale is easily unrolled to become a mat of mulch and seed.  This works perfectly in restoration projects as it conserves soil moisture and because this mat is so thick, it prevents weeds from coming through.  Your nursery plants can simply be planted into this mulch and not have to compete with weeds. Bale size is 3' x 4' and unrolls to a thickness of 4".
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    This high quality bale has high quality grass for foraging animals, mulch, or just to cover exposed areas of dirt to reduce dust.  Approximate bale size is 3' x 4' and and when unrolled forms a 4" layer of grass.  These bales can weigh up to 550lbs. The latter picture displays how we are incorporating our plant growing ability into livestock feed.  The wide leaved plants are cowpea and mung bean, two very good legumes that were drilled directly into the existing stand of grass.  This prevented a lot of weeds from growing, gave the grass the nitrogen it needed to thrive, and increased forage quality tremendously.  The cowpea is listed at 19-24% crude protein, and the mung bean at 16-23% crude protein.  In comparison, Guinea grass is rated at 5-6% crude protein and Green Panic grass at 5-10% protein.  When these legumes are left to go to seed, they increase the protein much more than the plant material itself.    We are experimenting with a mix of cover crops to get the healthiest grass while improving the forage palatability and nutrients for your animals. Cost does not include delivery and unrolling of bales.
  • Tall Wiliwili is an upright quick growing windbreak that can easily be grown from cuttings.  It grows rapidly, has a narrow columnar form and is non invasive.  This windbreak has the ability to grow up to 5' a year. This plant is ideal in that it has served it purpose as an excellent windbreak that uses less water for establishment and growth.  It is a nitrogen fixing legume. Very easy to start and grow.  Cuttings are sold as 15" lengths and multiple cuttings can be made from each length.  They can be direct planted but usually has best success in a nursery until leaves and roots establish before outplanting.  Plant 2' apart in rows. We spray the top end with tree seal to prevent transpiration and insect damage prior to establishment.  Bottom end (unpainted side) goes into soil.  Recommended to use a mild rooting hormone for best establishment.
  • Panax

    Panax is an attractice in field or residential primary windbreak.  It is a vertical thick hedge reaching heights of 25'+ that will protect your precious leafy plants.  Panax has a dual use in residential areas as it can block out noise, odor, or for privacy. Promoted by the USDA this plant must be propagated vegetatively. We sell this product in lengths of approximately 18"+ lengths.  They are also known as quick sticks because they simply can be pushed into weed free soil for fast establishment.  Plant 2' apart. We spray the top end with tree seal to prevent transpiration and insect damage prior to establishment.  Bottom end (unpainted side) goes into soil.  Recommended to use a mild rooting hormone for best establishment.
  • Cover Crop Mix
    Cover crop mixes are simply the best way cover crops should be implemented into your crop rotation.  Cover crop mixes allows unlimited benefits in soil health and the biology around them.  The interaction between living plants of different varieties when planted together actually improve the growth and healthiness far beyond what could be mono cropped.  You get a more balanced release of nutrients, more organic matter, while improving the biology of the soil and the success of subsequent plants. Longevity.  If you want a cover crop that lasts for a longer duration, yet it still considered an annual for easy termination, a cover crop mix is what you want.  These diverse mix of plants will last longer than any mono crop of one specie of cover. Drought tolerance and success of individual species are dramatically improved when used in a mix. Using a diverse mix lowers the cost per acre and minimizes the risk of a crop failure.  If you plant 10 different cover crops in a mix, many will do well.  If you mono crop each of those plants, you potentially risk wasting time and resources from from a crop failure. This mix we sell is an opportunity of what to expect from using a mix.  It will give you a chance to see the interaction of mixing cover crops without having to buy 10lbs of seed just to get one pound of mix.  We put multiple species in the mix.  This mix we offer will not always be the same but it will always have multiple species for the small buyer to try without having to buy each of those species and mix them on their own.  If you have a question on what's inside this mix we stock right now, email me. Larger buyers can custom mix whatever we have in stock.  If we are out of inventory just "ask" we can make more on the spot! Price breaks at 3+lbs
  • Akia is an endemic long lived perennial shrub ideal for landscaping.  Akia has attractive yellow flowers which bears orange/red berries, a great contrast to it's green leaves, a tribute to the holiday season. Plant height:  2' Germination:  Few weeks to months Elevation:  0-5000'
  • Uhaloa
    Uhaloa is an indigenous wooly leafed shrub highlighted with tiny 5 petal yellow flowers.  Uhaloa thrives in hot, dry, and windy places.  Uhaloa requires no irrigation and seed remain dormant until rainfall.  A medicinal plant used by native Hawaiian healers. Seeds are coned shaped and approximately 1/16" long.  There are approximately 250,000 seeds per pound. Plant height:  3' Germination:  Few days to several months Elevation:  0-4000'