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‘Tropic Coral’ ~Tall Wiliwili ~ Erythrina variegata


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Tall Wiliwili is an upright quick growing windbreak that can easily be grown from cuttings.  It grows rapidly, has a narrow columnar form and is non invasive.  This windbreak has the ability to grow up to 5′ a year.

This plant is ideal in that it has served it purpose as an excellent windbreak that uses less water for establishment and growth.  It is a nitrogen fixing legume.

Very easy to start and grow.  Cuttings are sold as 15″ lengths and multiple cuttings can be made from each length.  They can be direct planted but usually has best success in a nursery until leaves and roots establish before outplanting.  Plant 2′ apart in rows.

We spray the top end with tree seal to prevent transpiration and insect damage prior to establishment.  Bottom end (unpainted side) goes into soil.  Recommended to use a mild rooting hormone for best establishment.

10 in stock


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