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Upright 36” tall.  Seeding rate 8# an acre.   Seed count 7,300. Heads in 60 days.  Heat tolerant.    Produces up to 30 tons fresh organic matter (5-7 tons dry organic matter).  Adds 4000-5000lbs of carbon per acre.  Great soil builder!


Price breaks at 6-49lbs and 50+lbs.

96 in stock


Okra is a excellent choice for adding huge amounts of organic matter with its large leaves, thick stems, and dense root system.  This canopy of vegetation shades out weeds completely.  Okra has a great root structure that adds biomass and anchors soil in place, making it a safe home for the beneficial organisms that live there.

Okra is a great beneficial insect attractant.  Being related to the hibiscus, it is obvious identifying its large yellow flowers.

Okra is nice as a vegetable and food source.  Often times when planting in a mix, it is ideal to wait until the majority of the different plants go to flower before termination to get the maximum benefit.  During these times okra becomes a nice vegetable treat since they are early to flower and seed.

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