This high quality bale has high quality grass for foraging animals, mulch, or just to cover exposed areas of dirt to reduce dust.  Approximate bale size is 3′ x 4′ and and when unrolled forms a 4″ layer of grass.  These bales can weigh up to 550lbs.

The latter picture displays how we are incorporating our plant growing ability into livestock feed.  The wide leaved plants are cowpea and mung bean, two very good legumes that were drilled directly into the existing stand of grass.  This prevented a lot of weeds from growing, gave the grass the nitrogen it needed to thrive, and increased forage quality tremendously.  The cowpea is listed at 19-24% crude protein, and the mung bean at 16-23% crude protein.  In comparison, Guinea grass is rated at 5-6% crude protein and Green Panic grass at 5-10% protein.  When these legumes are left to go to seed, they increase the protein much more than the plant material itself.    We are experimenting with a mix of cover crops to get the healthiest grass while improving the forage palatability and nutrients for your animals.

Cost does not include delivery and unrolling of bales.