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Iron Clay Cowpeas is a warm season annual legume capable of producing upwards of 2 tons of organic matter, 140+lbs of nitrogen/acre, excellent weed suppression, erosion control, good reduction in plant parasitic nematode populations, scavenger of P and K, forage ready. Cowpeas has excellent drought tolerancy and wind resistant. Cowpeas do well under limited watering conditions.  The hotter the environment, the better cowpeas will grow.

Seeding rate is 30lbs drilled, 50lbs broadcast.

Price breaks at 6-49 lbs, and 50+ lbs or more.

278 in stock


Iron Clay Cowpeas are currently one of the most popular cover crops used in Hawaii.  Cowpeas germinate within 3-5 days and love the heat.  This makes cowpeas an excellent summer annual and nitrogen source ahead of a fall planted crop.

Cowpeas germinate in 3-5 days,  coupled with it’s fast growth is a adversary for weed competition.  Cowpeas thrives in soils with low moisture so you are not forced to water this cover crop often.  Less watering, less weeds.  Cowpeas like many covers can be terminated in 60-90 days making it a quick to grow crop, early to terminate which gives weeds less time to flower and go to seed.

Cowpeas are often used as a high quality forage for animals.  Cowpeas may produce high protein seed pods that are consumed by humans and animals worldwide.

Beneficial Insects–  Cowpeas attract many beneficial insects.  Among others, cowpeas have been known to attract wasps, honeybees, and ladybugs.



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