Cacao ~ Criollo variety


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Cacao is a large tree best grown in areas protected from the wind and ideally under the canopy of trees.  This fruit is where chocolate come from.  Its pods are opened, fermented, dried, roasted and ground to make a deliciously smooth Hawaiian product.  The sugar-yeast mucilage that keeps the raw seed moist can double as a tangy and delicious snack; somewhat like Soursap.

There are anywhere from 20-40 seeds per pod.

Cacao is listed as a recalcitrant seed or wet type seed.  These seeds do not stay viable when dried or frozen.  They have a high moisture content and when this is depleted, it must be planted or seeds will not be viable.  Due to this, pods are sold only when ripe for a few weeks each year.  So although there may be no inventory on the website, there may be pods available.  Best to email me for availability.

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