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Buckwheat seed -Upright 24” tall.  Seeding rate 30#.  Seed count 18,000. Heads in 21 days.   Buckwheat seed is the fastest growing cover in the broadleaf family known as a smother crop for weed suppression.  Buckwheat is excellent in attracting beneficial pollinators, scavenges phosphorous, quick erosion control. Buckwheat produces up to 2 tons dry matter.   5% protein


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499 in stock


Buckwheat seed is one of the most popular cover crops currently being used in Hawaii.  If your in a pinch for time, this is the cover crop for you.  In our experience it flowered in 21 days.  This is how quickly Buckwheat went from vegetative (the active growth of the plant) to reproductive (when the plant begins to set seed).  This shows that in as little as 21 days this plant fully matures where its use as a cover crop, or forage is maximized and the plant can be terminated to receive its full benefits.  A good choice if you have a crop failure, need something to smother weeds and buy time.

Buckwheats strong weed suppressing ability makes it an ideal choice for farmers.  It is known as a smother crop (through shading and competition) where a Buckwheat population is put down and all that comes up is a field of Buckwheat.

Buckwheat scavenges Phoshorous (P), calcium, and other nutrients then releases them to later crops when the Buckwheat residue breaks down.  Through a carbonic acid process Buckwheat can activate phosphorous from rock making available nutrients that are already present in your soil that otherwise may never be released.

Beneficial Insects- Buckwheat has been known to attract insects that attack aphids including but limited too; hover flies, predatory wasps, and ladybugs.

Buckwheat is livestock edible meaning cattle, goats, bees, etc.


College Tropical Agriculture Human Resources ~ Buckwheat Seed

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