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Beneficial Insect Mix


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We’d like to share with you our Beneficial Insect Mix.  In our trials, we have observed many of our most favorite beneficial insects attracted to our special mix.  Insects we have observed but not limited too; honeybees, lacewings, and ladybugs.  These plants attract not just one of two beneficial insects from each specie, they bring their whole family and all of their friends!  Our special mix from our cover crop trials in our fields.

Why plant this Beneficial Insect mix?  When done consistently, it will build and keep beneficial insects in your farm and garden.  These insects will reduce your pesticide needs, maybe even eliminate them.  They will also pollinate your cash crops.

If nothing else, this mix offers an attractive assortment of plants and flowers that is our most functional flowering plant mix.  Help the fauna in your area while giving passerby’s something extra to look at.

Try some today!!!  If we are low in inventory just “ask” we can make more!

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54 in stock

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